Never Wilt: Final Print
Never Wilt: Final Print
Neverwood Art

Never Wilt: Final Print

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A pink tractor in a field of Oregon tulips.
The final print of one of my most sought after pieces!
This work measures 12x18, and stands off the wall about 1 inch. It is pre-wired with a metal inset frame and does not require a frame of glass.

High gloss finish.
Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth as needed. The piece is scratch resistant but will scratch if you try hard enough.

I do limited runs of 3 prints only per photograph. When you purchase my artwork you are truly getting a unique piece. Please check on my gallery often, as many older prints are now on their last printing or are sold out.

Ships free in the US.

Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity,

Aluminum metal prints:

I love metal prints for my pieces because they are durable, eye catching, and unique. I create my photographs from end to end, so not having to content with a frame of matting helps my work stay true to my intended vision. They also feature an inset metal frame that is pre-wired, meaning these can go right from the box onto your wall.