Photo-Encaustic: Offered
Photo-Encaustic: Offered
Photo-Encaustic: Offered
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Photo-Encaustic: Offered

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Photo-encaustics are a perfect fusion of my photography and quest for a singular work of art. Each piece is unique and can never be recreated.

I created this series of encaustics with the idea of using my photography to show a scene post-ritual. The sacrifice is given. The blessings are cast. The Work is done.

The rune shown is fehu, with the original meaning of "money, cattle, wealth".

Photo-encaustics feature a real photograph which is transferred and fused into layers of wax on a thick wood surface using a blow torch.  The effect is a ghostly, antique feel.

Encaustics are extremely archival, and will preserve an image as long as the work is care for properly.  The subtle changes in the layers of wax over a piece, the bubble holes, and overall aesthetic lend to its unique, eternal feel.

What you're getting:

1 -- 5x5 deep cradle encaustic artwork: They come unframed and should be set in a frame without glass, or you can hang it directly on the wall. The sides are finished. This piece is thick enough to sit nicely on a bookshelf or hang it with the provided saw tooth hanger. Signed.
1 -- care sheet for your new encaustic

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