Photo-Encaustic: X of Swords
Photo-Encaustic: X of Swords
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Photo-Encaustic: X of Swords

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Photo-encaustics are a perfect fusion of my photography and quest for a singular work of art. Each piece is unique and can never be recreated.

This is a piece from a series I did of images based on the Tarot major arcana. I used to be very afraid of this card, because I've dealt with so much loss and change, but I've learned to look at it as something beyond my control, and ask myself what I can do with the circumstances vs being in constant mourning. That isn't disrespecting the loss; it's learning to honor it in a way that doesn't let it defeat me. So I put our stabbed man face up here, to ever look forward. Photos were taken in The Met Cloisters.

Photo-encaustics feature a real photograph which is transferred and fused into layers of wax on a thick wood surface using a blow torch.  The effect is a ghostly, antique feel.

Encaustics are extremely archival, and will preserve an image as long as the work is care for properly.  The subtle changes in the layers of wax over a piece, the bubble holes, and overall aesthetic lend to its unique, eternal feel.

What you're getting:

1 -- 8x8 1inch wood cradle  encaustic artwork: They come unframed and should be set in a frame without glass, or you can hang it directly on the wall. The sides are finished. Signed.
1 -- care sheet for your new encaustic

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